Add or Edit Practice Locations (FRANZCO only)

Add or Edit Practice Locations (FRANZCO only)

If you are a FRANZCO you can add and edit Practice Locations that you are associated with.

1. Practice Location/s area - how to get there

Click on "Profile" tile in your Portal

Go to the bottom of the Profile details page and click on "Practice Locations' tile

You can now add a practice location or edit a practice location 

2. Add a Practice Location

After clicking on "Add a Practice Location' tile from step 3, you can add:
  1. Practice Location Details
  2. Other Information
  3. Schedule

Items you can update
Practice Location Details
Practice Location Name *
Address Type *
Address *
Business Telephone *
Other Information
Date from - Date you commenced at this practice
Date to - Leave blank until you cease work at this practice
Public Find an Ophthalmologist *
Allow Member to Member Search *
Enter the times and days that you are usually available at this practice
Mandatory fields

Public Find an OphthalmologistBy selecting "Yes", you consent to having your Practice Location information displayed on the public 
Member to Member SearchBy selecting "Yes", you consent to having your Practice Location information displayed on the RANZCO members portal.

3. Edit a Practice Location

Complete steps 1, 2 and 3 above and then click on the blue link as shown below.  The details of this practice location will now be available to edit and save. 

You are not able to delete a practice location.  If there are duplicate practice locations, please submit a ticket and detail which practice location/s you require to be deleted.

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