Category 2 - Risk Management and Clinical Governance

Category 2 - Risk Management and Clinical Governance

Risk Management and Clinical Governance’ acknowledges that there are aspects of an ophthalmologist’s medical practice outside of clinical expertise that may contribute to less than optimum patient outcomes. Activities in this category are intended to identify and minimize this risk through improvements in the ophthalmologist’s role as communicator and manager. The ophthalmologist’s contribution to improved clinical governance can minimise risk at the systemic level. Examples of activities in this category include attending risk management conferences, medico-legal courses, communication workshops and practice management training.

Level 1 Activities
Level 2 Activities
These learning activities focus on increasing knowledge and skills and include the more traditional, passive activities such as lectures, conferences and journal reading. The level of demand on the participant is considered to be relatively low.
These activities focus on implementing or facilitating changes in practice and health outcomes. Key factors are collection of data related to a particular question/issue. Generally, it is expected that involvement in these activities will ensure that the participant can apply the concepts that they learn to their practice. These activities include taking part in a clinical audit, critical incident monitoring, participative workshops and patient satisfaction surveys.

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