I am studying for an examination, where can I find past examination papers to review?

I am studying for an examination, where can I find past examination papers to review?

All available past examination papers are located in the examination subject resource on RANZCO Online Learning

1. Navigate to RANZCO Online Learning by logging into the RANZCO website

2. Search for the examination subject in the search bar

3. Scroll through the examination resource e.g. RACE Resources until you find a section labelled 'Past Examination Papers'

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    • Where do I find the examination registration form?

      This exam registration forms are available by emailing examinations@ranzco.edu and requesting a copy. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss your registration with the RANZCO staff please use the chat or submit a ticket
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      Currently the online registration facility is not available as RANZCO's IT environment is being updated to provide a better place for you.  You can still register for an exam by completing the examination registration form. This exam registration ...
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      The 2020 examinations timetable and Semester 1 2020 registration forms were emailed to all trainees on 30 August 2019.   If you can not locate this email please submit a request (support ticket) and we will send it to you.
    • Exam Candidates User Details instructions

      RANZCO will issue new login to registered exam candidates. Please check email from examinations@ranzco.edu for new username and password.  Online practice examinations are available on the RANZCO LMS https://lms.ranzco.edu/