Log and Track your RMNoPs

Log and Track your RMNoPs

As part of the new programmatic assessment of VTP, the list of Required Minimum Number of Procedures [RMNoPs] outlined for Graduates of the RANZCO Vocational Training Program re­flect an expected minimum learning experience.


You must demonstrate that you have met the minimum numbers by accurately recording them in the e-Diary, your surgical log-book. The RMNoP list helps to ensure that you get adequate opportunities to perform and learn these procedures throughout the VTP. These numbers are audited annually; and are reviewed formally by the Trainee Progression Committee at 21 months and 45 months.

See the complete list here



The attached resource will help you find the correct procedure in RANZCO e-Diary (ReD) and log it to ensure you don’t miss out on logging your RMNoPs.

Remember, only the procedures you log as supervised, assisted and/or observed will be counted as RMNoPs.  



ReD 2.0 makes tracking your RMNoPs hassle-free. 

The RMNoP Dashboard on your ReD web and phone app will provide at-a-glance look to quickly know where you're at with your surgical experience. 

You can set and save a filter in ReD to always ensure you're getting the most updated status of your RMNoP completion. 

ReD 2.0 also has an export capability to help you export your surgical data in a csv file in order to track your RMNoPs. 

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