New Features - CPD Diary

New Features - CPD Diary

Expected release dates:

Web version: October 2019
App version: November 2019


The new CPD Diary will be included within the RANZCO e-Diary (ReD).  It will be available in web version and an app version. The app version will be compatible for android and also apple devices. A Fellow or CPD customer will be able to enter data online.

Logging into the new CPD Diary

A Fellow or CPD customer will be signing into the Surgical Logbook either through the new portal or through the app on their mobile device.

Login screen (Mobile version)


The new CPD Diary will display a dashboard with a summary of the data that you have entered and Quicklinks.

Dashboard (Mobile Version)
Dashboard (web version)


Add a CPD Activity

Fellows and CPD customers will be able to add activities easily in the new add activity screen.   The ability to voice record a reflection on a mobile device and also upload this to your activity will be a feature of the CPD Diary.

Add CPD Activity (web version)

Edit a CPD record

A Fellow or CPD Customer will be able to edit their records

Edit CPD record (web version)

Search and Filter CPD records

Fellows and CPD Customers will use the intuitive search bar and filter options to sort data in a personalised view.

CPD Diary Summary

A Fellow or CPD customer will be able to get a quick snapshot of how they are tracking with the CPD Summary view.

CPD Summary (web version)

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